Online Streaming of All Matches Provided

Stadium FC BASK

Serbian Association of American Football is ready to host the first ever Flag Football U15 European Championship 2016. The most of national teams will arrive on Friday, August the 5th. Compitition will start on Saturday at 8.00 o’clock a.m. and all mathes will be aired live on the Internet.

As it known, seven national teams will participate in the competition. The Spanish team will arrive in Belgrade first, on Thursday, and the rest of participants will come on Friday. It certainly requires the full readiness of the organizers, but according to Nikola Davidović, the head of local organizational committee, everything is going under anticipated pace and Serbian Association of American Football is ready for the competitors.

All matches will be played on two courts of Stadium FC BASK in Belgrade and thanks to internet portal with support of Serbian Association of American Football, all games, both on Saturday and Sunday, will be aired live on the Internet on the following links:

Moreover, SBB Company, the leading provider of analog and digital cable television, broadband internet and fixed telephony in Serbia, along with Television ULTRA, will shoot and capture the most interesting moments of the semi-finals and final match, which include statements of coaches, organizers and top players.

In accordance with the rules of competition, all teams will play against each other. Before the semi-finals (play off), each team will play six games. The best four teams will advance to the play off.